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Some people have trade enquires with MacKerlich Seafood.  So, if you have any thought about buying Fresh langoustine for your trade then this is the perfect place to look. We do not have a set price for large quantity buying of langoustine, but depending on what you buy a price may be negotiated.  With guaranteed 48 hour delivery, MacKerlich Seafood is exactly what you are looking for.

The langoustines that are sold by MacKerlich Seafood are super fresh and caught daily off the west coast of Scotland by a few of the local fishermen from the areas.  All of the fresh langoustine are caught by creels as written in one of our blog posts.  After every day of hard work out at the creels, the shellfish is landed to the fish vans at the different landing areas.  There are a couple of different vans and if the vans cannot make it to a landing then the shellfish is kept in a “keep”.  A “keep” is like a large creel that the langoustines are kept in while still in the water so that they are still live and as fresh as possible when the van arrives.

MacKerlich Seafood do our best to make sure that the langoustines are kept as fresh as possible, so they taste as good as they can and are of best quality when purchased.


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