MacKerlich Seafood also does gift deliveries of fresh, live langoustine to anywhere in the United Kingdom.  The parcel will be assembled and delivered to anyone and anywhere within the UK in just 48 hours guaranteed.

These boxes of shellfish have a small gift card in every parcel, these lovely gift ideas are like a little taste of the west coast of Scotland.  Live seafood is a very unique gift to give somebody and are easy to prepare when they are delivered. Fresh langoustine only take around 30 minutes preparation, which includes 20 minutes of the langoustine being in the freezer to cool them down and make them calm and much easier to handle.

Within the boxes there is also a small card with a picture of the boat that these fresh langoustine were fished on and the date that they were caught.  Also, for a gift, we are able to personalise a message on this card for you, with anything you would like.

The delivery address does not have to be the same as the billing address.

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