About Us

Based on the North West coast of Scotland overlooking the famous Eilean Donan castle and situated close to the stunning Isle of Skye, our company, Duncan MacKerlich Ltd, distributes live creel-caught langoustine and other live species of shellfish.
Duncan MacKerlich started his career in the langoustine fishery business in 1989 serving as a crewman for his uncle aboard the Seaflower II. By 1994 he purchased his first boat and now has three fishing boats working for the finest quality live langoustine from the crystal clear waters off the west coast of the Isle of Skye.
Being an experienced fisherman, Duncan opened his own holding, packing and distribution centre 5 years ago and has successfully been shipping his product to UK and European markets.
Duncan’s success has been due to his exacting care of the quality of the product he provides.
The team of staff and crew have all been taught personally by Duncan to ensure that the best possible product is produced. Indeed, some of Duncan’s family members work in the company too, and it really is a team of staff who work hand in hand with each other in a friendly and cheerful manner. Every one of the team is dedicated to taking care of the live langoustine and shellfish.


Where We Fish

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